The Pie Experience

When was the last time you tasted a proper pie? We don’t mean those pools of gloppy gravy topped with artificially inflated puff pastry – but proper pies; the ones with a mouth watering short crust pastry top (and bottom), with loads of real meat, vegetables and gravy….
That’s the pie experience at Thyme – freshly made, traditional recipe, generously portioned pies, served with buttery mashed potato, mushy peas, baked beans or cole slaw and lashings of real gravy.
The menu isn’t huge as we haven’t got a large kitchen and what you eat really is made on the day. For parties of ten or more, give us a call and a little notice and we can make your favourite pie just for you. 

And if this doesn’t tempt you – see the main menu section for the daily quiches, sandwiches, locally cured meats, platters and much more – all locally sourced and prepared with the passionate belief that the best food is simple food