About Us 

We are delighted to announce that the business has been sold and is therefore now permanently closed. The new owners will be coming to market with a refurbished restaurant and new food offering in the near future.

Many thanks to all our loyal customers and we wish you all well for the future

Kevin and Lynne Pickford

Thyme for Food and Friends is all about value, a warm welcome, family – and of course friends. We have no problem talking about old fashioned values or about using some of the traditional recipes that proved the English didn’t always eat over boiled cabbage and ruined roast beef…. 


Setting the scene, our unique venue really is an 18th century barn first recorded in 1784. It pre-dates its mention of course, but we don’t know by how many years. Join us in what is today a little oasis of tranquillity in Olives Yard just off the hustle and bustle of Uckfield High Street. 

Flan 1

So how do we define value? For us, it’s locally sourced foodstuffs and gifts, where our suppliers have used the best of the old traditional ways and then applied a contemporary twist. It’s a warm welcome and an open invitation to browse the shop, eat in the cafe and relax together in an unpretentious atmosphere. Shop 2

 It’s about tasting new things, even if they have been around forever, and then having the chance to take them home and enjoy at your leisure. We are open Monday through to Saturday from 0930 to 1700. Our menu style changes throughout the day – for example, our traditional breakfast is very popular, as is our famous Eggs Benedict…. Lunch features all sorts of lovely things – from super sized sandwiches and baked potatoes to our speciality sausage rolls. If the succulent fillings don’t get you, then we have a lovely range of locally cured smoked meats, cheeses and fish  – ideal to share. 

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Cake 3   In the afternoons, our major theme is Tea – not just English Breakfast – it’s a choice of over 41, made with proper leaf tea not pre-filled bags. They are served with three different types of scone, with locally made jam and cream, and a choice of sumptuous home made cakes. 

 You can top off what is without doubt an amazing afternoon tea experience with a glass of fizz, produced by one of our local wineries…… 

4821   Our newly opened shop might be of more interest. Where possible, we offer for sale those items also available on the menu, as well as a wide range of other foods such as local fruit and veg, sauces and marinades. Additionally, we have available a growing range of artisan chocolate as well as gifts and cosmetics.

Join us – we look forward to seeing you.